Sudden Hearing Loss

I permanently lost half of my hearing in one ear from the improper use of firearms. I had to purchase a $2000 hearing aid. I have constant tinnitus in that ear which means that 24/7 there is a siren going off in my head. I must take a tranquilizer and a sleeping pill to get a good sleep. My uncle LITERALLY got his head blown off (and of course died instantly) on one 4th of July in the 1960s. Getting back to hearing loss, we have an entire generation of young people who will be hearing impaired because of rock concerts and those little phones that insert in the ear. If you want to be SAVE then get a good HEAD SET. If you are in a noisy subway and increase the volume of your mp3 then you are still experiencing noise level which will cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss occurs in AN INSTANT and is irreversible.

I too carry earplugs with me at all times in NYC and have done so for years. My father was in WWII in Normandy etc for 5 years. He said at the end of the day his head would hurt from all the gunfire. He was 4th division 12th Infantry. He visited an Army post in the 1980s and was shocked to see that all the soldiers carried ear plugs. When I was a child in the 1950s no one ever saw a crash helmet except perhaps for racing drivers. I only once saw a seatbelt in an M.D.’s Korvette and we were told that this is because the Korvette is a race car. Now I see skateboarders wearing crash helmets and even toddlers on tricycles wearing helmets. Helmets, ear plugs, safety glasses, double durex condoms…. these are all good ideas which are recent in vintage.


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