Creating more jobs

One should not put the cart BEFORE the horse. In order to employ tomato pickers, first there has to be a field, second there has to be seeds, thirdly the seeds must be planted, fourth there must be water and sunshine…. oh and there must be a market of consumers for the tomatoes … ON A DIFFERENT NOTE … our societies are predicated not simply on productivity and consumption but on WILD SPECULATIVE INCREASE AND GROWTH of the sort that cannot be realistically sustained… at least that is my gut feeling… our notion of prosperity is not simply having some lentils and rice to cook for dinner but rather how on having a 3rd car, a summer home, properties which appreciate in value, a portfolio… I am reminded of Hoover’s speech prior to the crash where he stated that every person in the nation could become wealthy…. I apologize that I am neither an economist nor an historian to back up this post with volumes equivalent to “Wealth of Nations” or “Das Kapital” … but to me some of this seems intuitively obvious


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