The Swing of the Political Pendulum

After a few years of frustration under Republican leadership the public will simply blame everything on that leadership and swing back to a few terms of Democratic leadership. And so the pendulum swings back and forth. And yet, in theory, each elected representative expresses the will and protects the interests of THEIR CONSTITUENCY. So it is puzzling why those constituents see their representatives as solely responsible for the state or union’s state of affairs.

Richard writes: Interesting. I did my damned best to avoid in biographical mentions when there (unless via Plutarch or whatever). I’m referring to a junior year experience (Spinoza), where I got very aggravated with what I saw as a stubborn seminar refusal to take any of what he was saying at face value (or, as Chris said in Barcelona, “what’s above the sub-text”) when in fact it seemed extremely straightforwardly to speak to the topic that was at hand. Adam, one of my tutors (along with the great, real-world Leo), responded to what I was saying (and which was winning over elements of a resistant group) with an atypically long schpeel (for SJC) on why one can’t pay any attention to the text of Spinoza. It was seemingly well-thought and strangely detailed, and I figured it was better I drop the point and my efforts. I went back to my room after, and was furious, but didn’t know why. My neighbor, Ned (who, bless his heart, had no compunctions about giving himself context for the program) heard my whining, started laughing, went to his bookshelf, got a copy of “Persecution and the Art of Writing”, and found a section he had highlighted himself. He passed it to me. No bs, it was almost word-for-word what Schulman had said to shut me up. That’s the first time I encountered Leo Strauss.


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