Boring Facts About Nudist Colonies

Well, experience is the best teacher; the burnt child fears the fire. But also: Experience is the fools teacher; the wise person needs it not. I went with Jeffrey Sonheim to a free life drawing class expressly to see the drop dead gorgeous blond model in her 20s. Jeffrey counselled me that I must take paper and charcoal and give the semblance of sketching or I would be expelled. I went, I saw, I became aroused, briefly, but.. then … suddenly… I realized that I have some artistic ability. Within an hour the novelty of her nudity had worn off. I continued through the year sketching older and plumper models. There is an old saying that lumber jacks have their sex in the forest and chop wood in the brothel. There is some truth to that. Groucho Marx, as a guest on Johnny Carson, once reminisced about how as children they would loiter about the trolley car BECAUSE as the ladies, all properly hatted and begloved, stepped up into the trolley, one saw for the briefest of moments a tantalizing glimpse of their BARE ANKLES. Now, presuming you, from time to time, wear clothing short enough to expose your naked ankles… DO YOU ever notice that people stare at them lustfully with longing and desire? I rather doubt that. A middle aged African American happened to be discussing with me various current issues from the news. He mentioned that HIS objection to gays in the military is that HE does not want someone staring with concupiscent desire at HIS back side. I solemnly agreed but thought to myself “who the hell would lust after your sorry looking saggy elderly derrière?” I have worked and lived among many gay men in my 60 years and I am surprised (though on a different level not surprised) that so few of them have tried to seduce me. Then, too, there is the aspect of PROFESSIONALISM. Now, I am attracted to any number of women, but it would be rude of me to verbalize to each and every one of them how hot they are. Besides, people who are attractive know perfectly well that they are attractive. And one may easily deduce from eye contact and body language who is attracted to whom and in the mood for whatever (if anything.) One need not be vulgar and outspoken.


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