To gain eternal life…

In part, I see the New Testament in light of Leo Strauss’s “Persecution and the Art of Writing” … all that business about “a word of wisdom fitly spoken is like an apple of gold in silver fittings” .. You look at it from a distance and it appears to be a silver apple… you draw close and gaze.. you see a glint of gold, you take it in your hand, and finally you realize that it is a golden apple in a filigree casing) .. Jesus says “SEARCH the scriptures for therein shall you find eternal life” but WHY does Jesus not pinpoint the exact verse or verses as any good televangelist would? One man says “Good teacher, how may I gain eternal life?” Does Jesus tell him to simply confess Christ as God, his PERSONAL SAVIOR, and instantly reap the ETERNAL SECURITY OF SALVATION? No! Jesus tells him WORKS!!! To keep the commandments! Does Jesus lie? Why can we not stop right there with our cherry picking verses? But Jesus asks a most CURIOUS question first? WHY do YOU call me GOOD since we know that there is only one who is good namely GOD. Jesus does not scold him and say DO NOT CALL ME GOOD for there is only one good and that is God. You know.. I have much more to say but I don’t trust FB so I shall press enter now…


One Response to “To gain eternal life…”

  1. Don Prentice Says:

    Have just joined your blog and enjoying it immensely, even tho’ living in England!!

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