Sleep Apnea and CPAP

I forgot to mention that my FB friend, who works for the apnea org., has a photo of a blimp sized man which is actually an illustration of a character in one of Dickens’s novels which is the first mention of sleep apnea in literature. Also Pres. Taft weighed 300 lbs while he was in his one term. Taft would literally fall asleep during meetings and no one mentioned it in the press or gave it a second thought. Once Taft left office he lost 70 lbs and was able to become active in hiking. Taft’s lifelong ambition was NOT to be president but rather to sit on the Supreme Court. Taft went to Rome to purchase land in the Philippines and sell it to Filipinos at a reasonable price. Taft was nominated for Supreme Court but declined until he could finish his efforts on behalf of the Filipinos. Later Taft DID become a Supreme Court Justice and served
with distinction. At least, this is what I can recall from memory. Forgive me for any errors or omissions.


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