Getting along with diverse people

D.b: It’s true that people treat other people with respect
as long as they share a perception of parity, but as soon one person falters, even if the faltering is an anomaly, the other will pounce, and this seems even more true for intellectuals.

I suppose it is fair to describe me as an “intellectual.” I was voted “class philosopher” in high school. I thought at the time that it was just a whim or a joke. Only later in life did I realize how philosophical I was even in grade school. Anyway, I have always tried to be a compassionate person as I pass through life. I have had many friendships with people who have very little formal education. I always try to be with them on their level and take interest in what they find interesting. I feel that I clearly sense those who are on a much higher level than I am. I am grateful that they take the time to relate to me on my level. I do not enjoy seeing others suffer or lose. I do not enjoy any of those television shows which seem to single out and mock the many losers and then celebrate the few victors.

There are occasions when I will argue a certain point with a certain individual ruthlessly and I will not hesitate to make devastatingly cruel observations. I feel that I only do this with those who are my equals or even superior.

I have “friends” on Facebook who are VERY conservative and see things very differently from the way that I see things. I value having a connection with them. BUT I do not feel free to say anything at all that pops into my head because then I will alienate them and if I succeed in alienating everyone who sees things differently then I shall succeed in “siloing” myself with only those who are like-minded and that is very boring. If I only wanted people who agree with me and see things as I see them then I could simply talk to myself.


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