The dilemma of flutes

The vision of bucks interlocking huge antlers in contest comes to my mind just now as I remember the exams and don rags. I went through four years of frustration wondering why I could not get everyone to see things my way and then years later a professor and alumnus on line here commented that they must drum it into the tutors heads not to grant accord too easily or we students would not continue to grapple and struggle.

E.E. Cummings ends one of his poems with some line about “the dilemma of flutes.” Google to the rescue: in thy beauty is the dilemma of flutes thy eyes are the betrayal of bells comprehended through incense. Edward Estlin Cummings ..

Such is the nature of discourse and dialectic I suppose.

Discord is such an easy seed to sow and always quickly yields such plentiful harvest. Harmony and agreement are orchards which require years of pruning an not a little fertilizer. “No” has one less letter than “yes” so it the word we learn first at around the age of terrible twos.

Robert Ornstein wrote a book entitled “Multimind” and in that book (if I remember correctly) he mentions T.W.I.T. (“The Western Intellectual Tradition”) which he defines rather sarcastically as our tremendous need whenever we have experienced anything to SHARE it with others and relive the experience. I sometimes think of T.W.I.T. when I feel compelled to write and share my thoughts and wonder why it is not sufficient merely to experience them and keep them to myself.

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