Five Point Calvinism – T.U.L.I.P.

William: Of all the Deities who have ever claimed omnipotence, none has ever claimed the power to force or enforce belief. Belief is a banquet table which is “invitation-only” and no invitation is effective unless we exercise our freewill, accept and R.S.V.P. It took the genius of a Kierkegaard, the father of Existentialism, to point out, in “Fear and Trembling,” that it is Abraham’s free will choice, and THAT FREEWILL CHOICE ALONE, which ultimately empowers the voice from heaven commanding sacrifice.

Erik: How do you explain Calvin’s “unconditional election,” then?

@Erik: I was allowing myself a little poetic license (you know, the sort of thing that got Socrates his hemlock cocktail)

If one looks at 5 point Calvinism (T.U.L.I.P.)

… then is difficult for me to understand why “Perseverance of the saints” should be necessary if “Irresistible grace” is sufficient.

I find Calvin and Luther rather lacking in many ways which perhaps explains why I have never been a Calvinist or a Lutheran.

IF faith or belief were ineluctable then it is hard to understand the need for so much preaching, apologetics, exhortation much less ontological proofs of God’s existence (which to my knowledge have never been made in Eastern Orthodoxy.)

Islam and Calvinism seem to share some notions in common. The sovereignty and majesty of God’s will is SO great that were one to concede that human consent and cooperation plays a role in salvation then somehow the Almighty’s sovereignty would be tarnished, diminished.

It is ironic that both the Qur’an AND Calvin’s Institutes make frequent appeal to common sense “For do ye not see” and “Everyone knows”
as if the matters of the faith are so intuitively obvious that no one in their right minds would fail to recognize and acknowledge the truth of such matters.

Several years ago a Souther Baptist convention outlawed any reference to Calvinist notions of predestination which had been creeping in because Baptists preach in order to convert and some people might be indifferent if they assumed that the matter of their personal salvation had already been etched in stone from before the foundation of the world.


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