The Sin of Mere Thought

Just now, before I passed by the computer screen and noticed this, I was listening to some politician (I honestly did not notice who) saying that he would vote against same sex marriage when suddenly I remembered how Jesus seemed to stress that anyone who desires something in their heart is ALREADY guilty of the action even if they do not commit the action so I asked myself what the religious motive might be for simply criminalizing the action since the desires would remain active. There is a place in the Old Testament where the people in the wilderness begin complaining about the manna menu. So God sends a flock of low-flying quail. Of course all the people grab as many birds as possible. But there is one interesting verse which states that they did sin BEFORE THEY EVEN SUNK THEIR TEETH INTO THE FLESH. Hence it was their mere desire which was sinful and perhaps even their ingratitude for the miraculous manna which was daily provided.


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