Noam Chomsky

I don’t like Chomsky. I find his authority to be questionable, since he is a studied linguist. I’m not sure why he started to talk about politics and how people decided he was worth heeding.

It amuses me that whenever we need some kind of medical attention we insist upon a highly trained and licensed medical doctor (preferably board certified) and not just any doctor but one with a specialty that fits our needs (endocrinologist, nephrologist, cardiologist, etc.) AND YET when we choose a leader for our nation we might in theory elect a “Joe the Plumber” or a former actor or any sort of person that has enough charisma and media clout to win the popular vote. IF that candidate should happen to have a degree in law or business or (God forbid) a PhD (Woodrow Wilson was the only one of THOSE) then we elect that candidate IN SPITE of their credentials and not because of their credentials. I am told that the average American abhors the notion that only lawyers should run for office. Yet how odd that people love to mock Jimmy Carter as “that PEANUT farmer” never realizing that Carter was trained as a nuclear engineer.

I rather like Chomsky. Anyone who can convincingly argue how sordid America is has my admiration.


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