Boo as Christ figure in To Kill A Mockingbird

You might enjoy visiting . I spent a year or two there but was BANNED because I argue at length with one of the MODERATORS who was a school teacher in Great Britain but raised in Turkey (Scheherazade was her screen name). Her FAVORITE book of all time was “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I suggested that the character Boo was a Christ figure. She was enraged and insisted there was not a hint of Christian symbolism in the novel. She even RE-READ the novel simply to do battle with me. I found websites which listed all known Christ symbols in literature and BOO was among them. I found a Baptist minister’s sermon on Boo as a metaphor for Christ. It was Spark Notes that opened the way for may understanding, NOT because they said that Boo was a Christ-figure, but because initially the children never saw Boo but knew he was in that house and were afraid of him. Then Boo watched them from afar and left GIFTS (Eucharist?) for them in the hollow of a tree. THEN a wicked one (Satan?) plots to harm the children and Boo makes his appearance (manifests/incarnates) and saves them. Finally the children get to know Boo and develop a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP.

The high point of our entire battle was when the Turkish moderator said “But WHO would want a God who was weak, despised, rejected…” And I told her she had quoted the essence of that passage in Isaiah … and she said “you mean…. JESUS = GOD?!”



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