Poetry and Open Source

@Barbara: Thanks – Light breaks where no sun shines! Where no sea runs the waters of the heart push in their tide.


Poor Dylan Thomas was drinking TWO quarts of whiskey per day at the end. Most end-stage alcoholics such as O. Henry and Alan Watts max out at one quart.

When I was in high school I assumed that “do not go gentle into that good night” was about his aging father but NO it was about himself as the doctors told him if he did not stop drinking he would die. He did die at age 36.

Regarding Zoho, I think that all programs and data should be available on “the cloud” (Internet) in open source (not proprietary) and at a reasonable price. People should be able to easily share and collaborate on documents/spreadsheets. There should be a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) database generator similar to Microsoft Access or Visual Foxpro (now discontinued.) One should not have to be a rocket scientist in Apache, MySQL, PhP (known as WAMP in Windows and Lamp in Gnu-Linux Ubuntu). Oh, and Gnu stands for “Gnu is not Unix” which is oddly recursive. Unix started out as open source but then became proprietary so Linux was the resulting revolutionary protest.


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