Conversion Miracles

…. has a great story of conversion. He read the first volume of Aquinas, seeking to know if there was a God. He realized that it would take forever, that way, so he wrote a letter to God, neatly signed “Sincerely Yours, .” In it, he asked God to prove His existence if He had any interest in the signer’s knowledge of that existence. About a week later, John had a heart attack that stopped when his wife read the Bible over him. Within the next few weeks, he had visions of Heaven, the God’s hand in time, and the Virgin Mary. John, previously a militant proponent of materialist logic, has become one who says, “God simply Is. There is no proof.”

Solomon in the Old Testament asserts that all is chance and happenstance and therefore at times the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer. Solomon prayed for wisdom and God assured him that he would be wiser than any person who came before him or anyone who came after him. Jesus hinted that “a greater than a Solomon is in your midst” which might imply that Jesus is not simply anthropos but theos-anthropos. BUT Jesus clearly states that had he chosen to work his miracles in Tyre and Sidon then they would have been repenting in sack-cloth and ashes which means that Jesus chose NOT to work miracles simply to persuade people to believe. Further more Christ explicitly says that GREATER are those who do not see and yet believe. The Greek Orthodox, who consider Roman Catholics to be heretics, might argue that John Wright experienced a demonic temptation which now fills him with pride. His account of this supernatural experience certainly sounds like something that would fill a person with pride. It is also possible that he is lying through his teeth but thinks that a lie which brings some people to “faith” must be O.K. Oral Roberts did the same thing on television with his fake healings and confessed the deception publicly (on the Johnny Carson show as a matter of fact.)

I would add that among the Eastern Orthodox there is not
one single ontological proof of the existence of God although in the West there are several (and Aquinas quotes Aristotle as often as he quotes Paul but the Greeks seemed to feel no need to quote their own pagan philosophers) To assert that God “exists” casts God into the spatio-temporal causal matrix. It makes more sense to speak of God being “pre-eternal” (outside of time and eternity) and beyond existence and non-being… which would fit in with the Epistle of James “in whom is no change nor shadow of variation.”

Ronald Reagan assumed that he had a divine mission because he survived an assassination attempt.


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