A solution to our national problems

Mrs. Clinton would only add her negatives to the President’s. This is why he was wise not to fall for such a temptation in 2008.

There is also the fact that, unlike him, she has a voting record in the Senate. Thus, any of her votes could be used against them both. Frankly, I see no upside to such a ticket, whereas the downside is nearly unlimited, particularly since, as those of us who have been paying close attention to foreign policy know, she does not have a distinguished record of policy success; thus, any Obama Administration foreign policy failure would be re-emphasized without any compensating successes to laud.

In other words, let me categorically APPROVE of her addition to the the ticket.

Well (dumb question) is there any living breathing person in the flesh (besides Rush Limbaugh) that any of you could see leading the country and the world out of it’s folly? And, presuming such a person does exist, once that person of mythic proportions got into office is it not true that many people would start fault-finding and blaming them for the worlds problems?

First off–Rush is the answer to no one’s prayers. And: you know it. Second: Obama spent his political capital. He over spent it. He overspent. As Carter says in his book–he himself made serious mistakes by pushing hard on divisive topics and failed to provide unifying leadership. Carter and Obama have lots in common. Americans are not dumb–Obama’s finger wagging,scolding,preaching, blaming style is not the right leadership for our times. He is prim and trim and idealistic as hell. This has nothing to do with people blaming him for what Bush started. It has to do with a failure to unify. Failure to support biz worlds etc. I heard Ros Carter on NPR blaming eveything on the Rebublicans. This was closely followed by Obama blaming everything on the Republicans. It just doesn’t sit well. When the buck stops with you–you may feel that you are getting an unfair rap–but true leadership stays focessed on the job at hand…which isn’t about claiming that the buck stops with the Republicans. It doesn’t. Sometimes you wear the crown and sometimes you bear it. He hasn’t accepted responsibility–so the conversation is dead. No one cares anymore about blame.

@Mally: The “Rush” remark was a sarcastic joke which I made because an age 30ish educated person in my building seriously claims that they want Rush for president. Mally, your points are well-made (well taken?) but your post simply confirms what I suggest; namely that the nation is doomed to go in endless circles searching for an ideal leader which can never exist except in fiction and then continue with endless fault-finding and criticism against any half-way decent leader who gets elected.

And EVEN IF there were some glorious, perfect leader who could manage to get elected, they would only have 8 years to solve the nation’s problems and the worlds problems. But one would need a succession of 100 such leaders to make a dent in problems.

And with all due respect, I disagree with your statement that “Americans are not dumb” … partly because the majority of the population is not extremely educated (but it all depends upon WHAT your definition of smart is and what, if anything, it means to say “Americans” collectively) .. and partly because those who have the benefit of some extensive education are apathetic or stuck in some liberal or conservative rut of thinking and cannot stand back and see a bigger picture.

I don’t have any answers or solutions but at least I am not delusional enough to believe that there is some obvious answer or solution (but of course you are all free to disagree and most likely shall at great length.)

Mally, it was interesting how William phrased his questions. I took the “(dumb question)” preface as a tacit acknowledgment that he knew he was making a series of classic “complex questions” (aka plurium interrogationum).

I don’t know whether he really wanted an answer to any of them. They seemed more like statements posed as questions.

But, okay, I’ll assume the best, and attempt to answer William too.

William, I have campaigned for both Democrats and Republicans. There are plenty of politicians I trust to represent me. The fact that I don’t trust some other politicians says nothing about the profession, except that it is peopled by humans some humans not being trustworthy. The list of politicians who could do a better job than some of the politicians presently serving is long.


‎@Erik, you say that there is some long list of perfectly able politicians who might lead the country and the world out of its problems. And Mally suggests that “Americans are NOT dumb.” Ergo, come next election those smart Americans will choose from that long list of highly qualified politicians and our problems are over. I am so relieved.

William, I won’t speak for Mally, but, as for myself, I am quite happy about the likely victors in next month’s election. I prefer most of the politicians who are likely to defeat incumbents this year. I don’t make a secret of my political preferences.

As a sidebar, I’d like to see the Republican Party become more libertarian in moral and economic issues or the Libertarian Party to become more like the Republican Party in law & order and foreign policy issues. Either could be improved that way. The Democrat Party has been headed in the wrong direction for a while now, and like Reagan said, ‘it left me, I didn’t leave it.’


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