Zoho Cloud Computing

I went to http://zoho.com
and signed up for a free personal account which gives me a gig of space and Zoho desktop applications for spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc.

My particular interest is spreadsheets and the ability to share them on-line with other collaborators.

Zoho offers a great deal of compatibility with Microsoft’s VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

I decided that I would like some VBA code which will automatically date-time stamp each row as it is modified.

I searched in Google until I found the following tutorial link:


Here is the code and explanation that I needed:

If you want to get fancy, you can totally automate the process by attaching a macro to the worksheet. Right click on the sheet tab and select “View Code”. Then paste the following macro in the window:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column 1 Then Exit Sub
Target.Offset(, 6) = Time
End Sub

What is does is monitor for any changes you make to the worksheet. With every change, the macro is run. It checks to see if the change was made in column A (Target.Column 1) and ends if if it wasn’t. Otherwise, it places the time stamp in column F of that row (Target.Offset(, 6)). You could also have it automatically enter the date in column E for you too by adding this line:
Target.Offset(, 5) = Date

or putting a date/time stamp in column E:
Target.Offset(, 5) = Now

So, all I had to do on my Zoho spreadsheet was to right-click on the tab of sheet1 and then click on VIEW CODE.

I choose the event CHANGE from the drop down box and find that some code is already present.

So I simply INSERT the above code in the proper place so that I have:

REM Sheet Module

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.EnableEvents = false
On Error Goto ENEV
REM add your code below

If Target.Column 1 Then Exit Sub
Target.Offset(, 6) = Now

Application.EnableEvents = true
End Sub

[end of code]

Of course, I need to format the cells for DATE TIME

I wanted to test the SHARE WITH COLLABORATOR feature

I created a group called WBuell
Then I sent an invite to a different email address that I sometimes use.
When I logged into my other email account, I saw the Zoho invite which requires me to JOIN Zoho with a login ID and password.

I am able to share the same spreadsheet between my two accounts.

One interesting thing I noticed is that the DATETIME STAMP code above was giving me a different time when logged into my other account. It is necessary to go into the ACCOUNT SETTINGS and specify the correct TIME ZONE (in my case, GMT -5 New York.)

I notice that an UPLOAD to Zoho of any Excel spreadsheet from my local hard drive is limited to 50 megs, which is a size that allow me to create 10,000 address records in my test spreadsheet. It MAY be possible from within Zoho to create spreadsheets much larger than 50 meg. I know that Google Documents Spreadsheets can NOT be larger than 1 meg which allows me room for about 2000 address records in my test application.

I did notice some instability in Zoho when I attempted to use copy and paste to increase my spreadsheet from 4000 records to 10,000 records in the sense that some cell formulas in some rows were corrupted. Hopefully there would be no corruption if the rows were added one at a time in a normal data-entry fashion from day to day but I shall only know that if I use Zoho daily for some period of months.

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