The Atheist Chip on the Shoulder


[excerpt from a dream I had about 12 years ago]

Although I am in every religion, I am beyond all religions; I am beyond all dualities of Good / Evil, of Love / Hate, of Pleasure/ Pain. Your anger, your bitterness, does not bother Me at all. There is no “bad” thing which you could do, or “good” thing which you could fail to do, which would prevent Me from perfecting you to that purpose for which I ultimately created you.

A grand scheme? Oh, THAT explains all that suffering of innocents throughout the world and throughout history. God is a malevolent sadistic bastard with a grand scheme.

Justine, it was only a dream, but it was my dream and a most interesting one.

If existence and the universe is a random accident then it still sucks (if you choose to see it in that fashion,) but there is no one to blame. On the other hand there may be some purpose to the universe that we cannot see.

Astronomer Sir James Jeans somewhere once remarked that if the universe is a machine whose purpose is to produce intelligence then it is amazing that such a vast mechanism is constructed to produce such small quantities.

Justine, you would be better off being a theist so you would have a suitable target for all your anger and bitterness. As it is, you have no one to hate and mock but other people.

So, Justine, what constructive purpose does your incessant whining serve? You are so pathetic and you do not even realize why you are pathetic but you make me seem wise and happy by comparison.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


William, I wasn’t whining, I was being sarcastic, because the ‘divine plan’ argument is so pathetically juvenile. I notice that you always respond to my criticisms of religion with an attack on me personally. Is THAT all that the believers have left to defend their fantasies, taking offense? It is you who are whining. Your social analyses are spot on, and I always support them, but I’m getting tired of your personal insults. I have never attacked you, so please let’s be a little more adult here.

Justine, do you think you are doing me some big favor by having me on FB and posting your sarcasm?

I have no use for your support or your admiration. I could not care less what you feel or whether you like me or dislike me. So if you choose to read what I post for your own amusement then please continue to do so but do it for yourself; don’t do it for me. And feel free to post whatever you like to a thread but don’t be shocked if I give you my candid reaction.

I have a certain notion of freedom of speech and expression which means I have to allow anyone to read if they choose and post what they like.

I am telling you exactly how I perceive you. I suspect that if the world were actually a perfect place with no disease, no poverty, no death, no suffering then you would still have an atheist chip on your shoulder and find something else to whine about (oh sorry,you call it sarcasm).

No one can prove that some intelligent supreme being exists and no one can prove that there is no such intelligence (a never-ending dilemma which Kant terms an antinomy.)

It is a simple indisputable fact of human nature that people have been “religious” or “superstitious” going back to pre-history and I suppose to the Neanderthal. The former U.S.S.R. had three generations of an atheist experiment and once the U.S.S.R. collapsed people came running out seeking all sorts of diverse religions from Lubavitcher Judaism to Jehovah’s Witness and even the Hare Krishna temple in Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn had to set up a Bhagavad-gita class conducted in Russian.

So, Justine, you seem too immature to accept the fact that it is part
of human nature to have irrational customs and superstitions and
beliefs which means that you are less able to be compassionate and
tolerant towards the peoples of the world in their cultural diversity
and simply “get along” with them.

Justine, can you PROVE that there is no ultimate plan or scheme or
design to the universe or that humans are not somehow part of that
plan? And if you COULD prove that there is no supreme being or
intelligence then what would you suggest that people do with their time
here on earth, with their hopes and dreams?

Someone once said to Helen Keller “the world is full of suffering” to which Helen Keller replied, “Yes, but the world is also filled with the
overcoming of suffering.” I doubt if 100 or 1000 Justine Saracens could
outweigh one Helen Keller on the scales of human worth.

I was raised with absolutely NO religion by parents who were
“Protestants” in name only. I converted to Greek Orthodoxy in my 20s
and drifted away in my 40s. I spent several years with a Korean Zen
Center in Manhattan and then several years with a Guyanese Hindu temple in Brooklyn.

Nowadays I attend no organized religious activities. I cannot free myself from a kind of theistic attitude which is a self-made pastiche of Hindu and Buddhist notions. I never try to persuade anyone to adopt any sort of religion nor do I try to dissuade them from whatever they choose to believe.

Justine, it seems to me that I am the one being more adult since I accept the reality of human diversity while you, Justine, are being immature in trying to impose your notions on everyone else and acting indignant when someone does not comply and agree with you.


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  1. Bhagavat Purana Says:

    Very helpful 🙂 Thanks and all the best.

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