Where is Waldo?

… look up the story of the Kennedy girl who was lobotomized because she was somewhat hard to handle and lived the rest of her life as an institutionalized vegetable. The two doctors who developed the lobotomy procedures actually won some kind of award (perhaps Nobel; I forget.) The two doctors quarreled over honors and separated. One of them developed an EVEN EASIER way to lobotomize which did not require for the skull to be opened: an ice pick was hammered through the top of the eye socket and then swished around a bit until it destroyed the fronal lobes and, Voila, a difficult patient was now an easy-to-handle patient.

American jails are crammed full of people doing hard time on drug charges. In Switzerland all a heroin addict has to do is register with the government and then report to a government center twice a day, every day, for an injection of pure heroin. Junkies in NYC shoot up 5 or 6 times a day because what they receive from the pushers is adulterated. But now, for the Swiss addict, the GOVERNMENT is their pusher and they have to do whatever the government asks. The government makes them report to a counselor and a medical doctor to address any problems and then gets them a job. So now, tell me…. which government has the better idea for how to deal with heroin addiction, America or Switzerland?

We can look around the world and SEE what is more or less successful but we lack the will to experiment and try different things or perhaps we have some hidden agenda which makes it inconvenient for us to do what is right.

Indonesia has the biggest tobacco problem in the WORLD. It is to their credit that there Muslim Imams have issued fatwas forbidding the use of tobacco based on various teachings in the Islamic tradition. But the people and the government ignore warnings and wisdom and keep right on smoking. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) pleaded with the Indonesian minister of health to sign a treaty which would make life far more difficult for the American tobacco companies who now stage regular entertainment extravaganzas and hand out free sample cigarettes even to a ten year old. Many of you must have seen the news item about a two year old baby who was taught to smoke a pack a day. Before I even read the details I KNEW that it must be Indonesia.

Different example: Venice is being destroyed by the action of motorboat engines in the canal. Engineers have devised a plan which might preserve the city of Venice BUT it would take 30 years to implement the plan. No Italian government stays in office more than two years; hence no politician is motivated to act on the plan because he or she would be out of office by the time it was successful and would therefore not reap any personal rewards.

Yet another example: I see alcohol as very destructive. I detest alcohol and will never touch a drop. Yet, if a Prohibition bill came up for vote TOMORROW, I would vote AGAINST it. Why? Because we HAD Prohibition and it created MORE problems than it solved. The same is true regarding abortion. Prior to Rowe vs. Wade abortion WAS illegal which only meant that wealthy women traveled to countries where it is legal while poor women died in back alley clinics.

This is kind of a “paint by number” post. See if you can “connect the dots,” finish the picture and tell me “Where’s Waldo.”


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