Belief/Faith vs Understanding/Reason

If reason (understanding) could lead to faith or persuade someone to believe similar to the Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum) of a Euclidean theorem which leads one “will he nil he” to agree – then faith would be unnecessary. Aquinas (around the 12th century) falsely concludes that understanding and reason are PRIOR to faith and belief and that understanding leads to faith. Maximus the Confessor around the 7th century properly concludes that faith comes first as a mysterious gift from God given with God’s foreknowledge of who will accept it and who will trample upon it as the swine trample pearls. This is why it is written that ten times God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Maximus adds that after receiving the gift of faith THEN understanding is added but only such understanding as is necessary for salvation. Yet, if we look at Kurt Godel with his Indefiniteness proof and Morris Kline’s history of the failure of mathematics to achieve infallible … agreed upon foundation in logic— THEN one begins to see that even understanding and logic and reason fall short and are relative to axiomatic assumptions rather than absolute or a priori.


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