Reasons for writing liturgics

Hmmm… let me think… somewhere, allegedly, Augustine once said “believe and you have ALREADY EATEN [the Eucharist]” and somewhere else Augustine said “sing and you PRAY TWICE.”

It is said that Augustine actually laid down the foundation for the Reformation but Rome never noticed any problems until the counter-Reformation.

Now it seems to me that the changes of Luther’s reformation shifted emphasis from liturgics to homily. Altars were dismantled and costume became less ornate. I was always amused to see Schuller of the “Crystal Cathedral” and the “Hour of Power” wearing flowing robes (which smack of temple high priests) but with a suit and tie clearly visible beneath his ostentatious d√©colletage (i.e. the opening at the front of the robes) which show him as a modern man in business suite attire.
I find considerable satisfaction in writing liturgy – wonder why?

Hopefully desire for control is not a reason; yet desire for control is all too human.

Tom: If not control, any other reasons you might offer?

I must depart shortly on an errand but this is an interesting topic. One might follow liturgics from Genesis, through the Byzantine era, through the Holy Roman Empire, with its decline after the Reformation, and perhaps now its resurgence in post-modern times.

Or one might consider the Psalm verse “Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee” and that verse about the Holy Spirit interceding for us with unutterable groans and also the Psalm verse “let the lifting up of my hands be as the incence of the evening sacrifice” (which Judaism recognizes as prayer which PREPARES us for prayer.)


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