Wearing Hats

Recently I saw a photo from the 1920s of a CROWD of people in the street, literally hundreds, and each and every man and woman had some kind of hat on their head. Now, the nature of hats is to become smelly after constant wear and it is NOT as simply matter to clean them. Each and every day I feel grateful that I do not practice a religion which requires me to wear something on my head.

After JFK’s inauguration day, a very cold day (and he wore no hat) American men stopped wearing hats. In the 1980s I passed by a men’s hat store and inquired out of curiosity WHO buys the hats. I was told that African-American men still like hats.

I now have to wear a baseball cap whenever I go outside because I shave my head and I don’t want to get sunburn. Baseball caps are washable.

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