The Future of America and the World

Giri – it is 10:30pm Saturday night and I must try to dash off my thoughts to you but I shall not have the luxury of eloquence or style.

It is possible that Obama will be voted out in the next election but some people doubt that the Republican (opposing) party can really get together a credible platform and an impressive candidate.

I think the problem with America is that they believe that one person can be responsible for the salvation or the destruction of the economy or foreign policy. I think Obama is an intelligent and calm person who is doing the best that he can given what he has to work with.

Stop and thing that even the BEST leader in the world, the perfect president, is limited to only 8 years in office so it would take a century of such leaders to make a great difference.

Ibn Haldune of the 12th century was the first to observe that nations and history rise and fall in great cycles. It is unlikely that America can maintain its status as a super-power indefinitely. India and China are both growing rapidly in economic importance. The American notion of prosperity is based upon continued growth and increase which may not be sustainable.

The future of America and of the world hangs upon greater world unity and a secular and tolerant pluralism which will leave ancient tribal mentality where it belongs, in a museum.

I shall return in the next hour to address your question about the “Ground Zero Mosque.”


Giri – it is 11:47pm Saturday, and I must give you some response regarding the Ground Zero Mosque, which is really a cultural center devoted to many things of which a prayer space is only a small part. The wisest course of action for Americans to take would have been nothing. 1 in every 6 people in the world are of Muslim heritage and one cannot blame all the many nationalities of Muslims for the actions of a few any more than one can blame all Christians or Jews for the actions of a few.

Obama and Bloomberg were correct in saying that America grants the freedom of religion and expression to all. Now a huge controversy and world offense has taken place because of these protests. I in the next hundred years it should happen that Islam becomes a majority in America or Europe or India then people will just have to deal with it since the Muslim vote would then become the majority will. I am sure that many Muslims desire a modified and progressive reform of Islam rather than some reactionary form with increased in severity. Reform must come from within Islam. It cannot be it cannot be imposed from the outside. I live only a few minutes walk from Ground Zero and it does not bother me that the cultural center is being built. I will probably pay a respectful visit once it is completed.

There is the French ban on burqas and hijab and the Swiss ban on minarets. These are difficult transitional times. But there have been much worse times in history and the world survived.


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