Facebook posting reach

Sam: Ambreesh said he cannot see anything even though I changed MY privacy to EVERYONE. I am wondering if it would make sense for you to create a GROUP and then re-post really popular threads from your personal page to the GROUP. It is my understanding that a GROUP may have far more than 5,000 members. I had thought that perhaps there is some combination of privacy setting to extend the visibility of your posts to the FRIENDS of your 5000 friends but I guess not. Also I find that Facebook is unpredictable in the sense that there are TWO different selections for new feeds at the top right (which I cannot not see and remain in this post window.) AHA, I was able to visit FB in a new window and see my page and to the LEFT (at upper right is TOP NEWS and to the right of that is MOST RECENT) one or the other of those two settings has at the bottom OPTIONS where you may specify the number of friends to receive news from (default is 300 and I increased mine to 1040 because I have that many) and the other options are to list people you would like to hear MORE FROM and next to that a list of people you would like to hear LESS from). Anyway, bottom line, there is no real science to determine how many FB folks any given post will reach. I DO know that if you were to repost selected threads to a FB GROUP and then intern have a free WORDPRESS blog, and repost also to that blog then your tags and keywords would immediately enter the search engines and attention/readership would be drawn to your posts. Do let me know if you create a group or perhaps you have already created a FB group.
Thanks and keep on blogging!


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