Addictive Internet Disctractions Lure Students

FB Comment: “grinding” is World of Warcraft lingo for “doing something repetitive that has to be done in order to advance”

Aha, so you are playing a game called Warcraft and your current task in the game require lockpicking.

One of my FB friends was asking if there is some notebook for her son which is would be UNABLE to run games (especially Starcraft, I think) because her son is addicted to the game.

This led to research on inexpensive notebooks and software like Net Nanny as well as a version of Ubuntu for education. She prefers NOT to simply lock or block his programs/links with some sort of parental software because she want to achieve her goals with reasoned mutual agreement rather than force (my words.)

The results of my search indicate that any notebook would be capable of playing some sort of game which might prove addictive or time consuming.

Do YOU think there would be any market for inexpensive computers for adolescents which would be academic/email only enabled but which would prevent unproductive or harmful activity? I suppose parental control software and keyboard loggers are the most effective form of monitoring for those parents who do not object to “might makes right.”

One of my college age friends in Indonesia (now quite an Ubuntu expert) says that he was addicted to gaming when he was younger but recovered.

Do many high school or college students suffer seriously from the tempting distractions which the Internet offers? Do faculties have any solutions or programs?

Thanks for your feedback!


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