The Writings of Charles Darwin

Ironically I found the following link at the blog of a clergyman who is on a sabbatical.

I was amazed when I first read that Darwin expected only a few hundred scientists to purchase a copy of his “Origin of the Species and Descent of Man” and was astounded when every butcher, baker and candlestick maker was buying it. I read parts of his book years ago and in recent years googled on his bio. Darwin did have a certain crisis of faith in his life but it does not seem to me that he had some anti-religious agenda in mind as he wrote that book. Perhaps I am wrong. I was also impressed when I read a few years ago that evolution is no longer a theory but is considered an established fact. One of the more recent examples of human evolution was discovered in Tibetans living at high altitudes who have a chromosome that helps them breathe the thin air. I personally do not see that evolution or science somehow debunks religion. Basil the Great who was around 4th or 5th century wrote the Hexemeron on the six days of creation in Genesis and had no problem seeing a “day” as a metaphor since the Psalms say that with God 1000 years is as a day and a day is as 1000 years. It also impresses me that the verse about the human life-span of 3 score year and 10 or perhaps 4 score is still very accurate in our times even with all our advances in medical science and nutrition. I do reaize that this post will irritate many people some of whom find religion intolerable and some of whom find evolution intolerable but such is not my intent.


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