The Quality of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is at least in some part written by people very much like you (which is to it’s credit.) What is the SOURCE of your criticism of Wikipedia? Let’s see some footnotes. Surely it is not your own subjective opinion. Are you saying that you NEVER read a Wikipedia article or benefit from from information you find there?

Wikipedia came out well in a comparison with Britannica.

Wikipedia, which boasts 3.7 million articles in 200 languages, is the 37th most visited Web site on the Internet, according to the research service Alexa.

Let’s be honest. Whenever we have a question about anything what is the first thing we do? Answer: we search using a search engine. We would be foolish not to. Are you suggesting that I am better off taking a bus uptown to the New York Public Library? The rifle made many tailors into an Achilles and the Internet makes everyone who can type and read into a kind of expert provided they have the interest and enthusiasm to spend sufficient time.

The search engine gives us a few Wikipedia links and a lot of non-Wiki links. There is nothing inherently better or worse about information found in a library book as compared with information from the Internet.
In fact the Google project has placed many hard-to-find books on line in searchable PDF format.


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