Street-corner prayer and religion in politics

Gregory – with all due respect, when you post something like the above – “William, who says religion should be a private matter?…” you sound like some kind of Nazi. All the “in your face” religious right sound like the makings of Nazi-type extremists. TELL ME SOMETHING, why should the lowly like of “Rev.” Franklin Graham have the right to cross-examine a presidential hopeful like Barack Obama and say “DO YOU EXCEPT JESUS AS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN?” Obama gave a politically correct answer: “… the only way FOR ME.” Why should such questions, OR the answer, be part of a political campaign? Do you honestly mean to tell me that an agnostic or an atheist or a Universal Unitarian could not be a perfectly good President or Governor?

Let’s take Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana as an example of a wannabe politician.

Let’s put two sentences from the above bio side by side:
1.) “He always had his eye on, first of all, where he wanted to go, and second, how he was going to get there,” said a former teacher. He competed in tennis tournaments, started a computer newsletter, a retail candy business, and a mail-order software company.

2.) Jindal was raised in a Hindu household, but converted to Christianity while in high school. During his first year at Brown University, he was baptized according to the Roman Catholic rite. His family attends weekly Mass at Saint Aloysius Parish in Baton Rouge.

First of all, what is wrong with America that a good leader raised in a Hindu religion cannot be fit for president? But WE KNOW that we cannot accept a Mormon (which is the only religion FOUNDED in America) or a Jew ( and yet Jesus was a Jew!) OBVIOUSLY Jindal converted to Catholicism because it was MORE CONVENIENT to pursue his career goals as a Catholic than as a Hindu (which would NOT have been true in the 1950s but has been true since JFK broke the glass ceiling). But I do honestly believe that if Jindal’s family had settled in Indonesia, his conversion would have been to Islam and IF his family had settled in Sri Lanka then his conversion would have been to Theravadin Buddhism.

Obama himself mentioned once that he CHOSE his particular church denomination because it had a history of positive political social activism.
Most politicians “do whatever they do” to maintain some politically correct appearance and not out of some DEEP spiritual conviction. That alone is a contemptible hypocrisy deeply ingrained in American politics. Pres. Jimmy Carter was THE ONLY SITTING president ever to ban Billy Graham from White House “prayer breakfasts” and Carter did so because “The White House” is not the place for that sort of thing. Billy Graham was a power monger hanging outside every president’s door step since Truman. Truman was the first to allow Graham a brief interview, but when Truman discovered that Graham and his “boys” posed outside the white house for photo shoots “kneeling in prayer with eyes raised to heaven” Truman was furious and never allowed Graham to come again. Don’t you think Jesus him self would absolutely PUKE at the sight of such a ridiculous phony photo when Jesus says that you should “pray in the privacy of your closet” and not on the street corner because he who flaunts his piety ALREADY has his earthly reward (from Satan) while what you do in secret only God sees, and rewards.


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