Constructive Criticism vs non-Construtive

Erik, regarding my MAIN question:

1.) ANYONE at all who criticizes any proposed measures whatsoever (be they legislative, economic, health care, foreign policy) SHOULD be willing not simply to criticize but to offer constructive ALTERNATIVES. (e.g. if everything that Bush does or Obama does sucks… then dont simply say it sucks but say what you think SHOULD be done, or who you think should be in charge and what they should do.)

2.) ANYONE connected with the government (e.g. congress who are said to have all sorts of gravy benefits like health care and even a freaking barber shop) should be able not simply to “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” (in other words, if John Q. Public has to tighten their belt, then John Q. Public Servant had damn well better be willing to tighten their own belts to the same degree.) I do realize that you are somehow connected with an embassy, but I think your own personal situation and benefits is very germane to whatever criticisms you level. And it sounds like you have to pay for your health insurance which means that you are putting your money where your mouth is. So you are not one of those people who soaks up the gravy but says “let them eat cake.”

Erik, you are in good shape because you are willing to give detailed positive answers/suggestions rather than simply complaining and also you candidly describe your health insurance status so you are not a privileged person living on Easy Street.

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