I just now had to google on SHERLOCK HOLMES to remember what I knew perfectly well throughout childhood that the author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Anyway, Sherlock Holmes had the “attic” theory of memory, namely that there is only room for so much and once it is filled you must discard one thing in order to learn another.

In the 1980s I occasionally had to advertise for a secretary for the family business and then review dozens of resumes which arrived via the U.S. mail. The most amusing one stated that one of her hobbies was “cabaret SINNING” (she meant to say SINGING)… For some years I easily remembered her name. But then after some years of not thinking about the resume I remember the resume and spent some days, on and off, trying to think of the name. SUDDENLY, in the subway at night, the name came racing into my mind: PANSY HICKSON. I actually recorded it at my WordPress blog under the category REMINDER, because once I do remember something, it will fade if I do not record it somewhere.

As I reminisce about this it occurs to me that somewhere on the Internet there must be pages of RESUME BLOOPERS.

I find that if I keep such a REMINDER file on my Blackberry and review it periodically, then I can make such recollections more permanent.

I would occasionally write about HOWARD THURMAN (mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr.) who went to India to spend a week with Gandhi and learn about non-violent protest. Sometimes I can easily recall his name to mind and other times I must google on it. And I can never remember how to spell everything correctly so I am highly dependent upon spell check features and google searches to find the correct spelling.


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