Freedom of Religion

Diane: We have got to find a way to define religion outside of politics.

William: Or more importantly we must learn to have politics without religion and make religion as private a matter as conjugal sex life (i.e. we know it probably exists but no one discusses the details.)

Gregory: William, who says religion should be a private matter? Our Founding Fathers certainly didn’t believe that. Where do you think the tradition of opening legislative sessions in prayer came from? Where do you think the tradition of a Senate… Chaplain came from? Our country never endeavored to have politics without religion. In fact, many of the Founders declared that our Constitutional Republic could not work without a strong Christian foundation.

William: Some people interpret “freedom of religion” as the freedom to shove their religion down everyone’s throat.

The Founders gave us Freedom of Religion (First Amendment) so that, 1) We could not be restricted from speaking about, and excercising our individual religious convictions in public, and 2) the US government could never adopt an official, State religion, like the many state churches in Europe, supported by taxes.


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