Videos from India Bollywood

I rented and watched all 28 episodes of Ramanand Sagar’s RAMAYAN in Hindi with English subtitles. I watched about 30 of the 60 Mahabharat episodes. When I saw the scene in this video with the vigorous back massage I remembered listening to Prabhupad’s American chela reminisce about how he would use liniment oil and give Prabhupad Bhaktivedanta Swami a vigorous back pounding for ayrvedic health. It is said that among the Jain renunciates devotees will give them as puja a foot massage and it is the only example of massage in religious practice.

I benefited much from several years of fellowship with a Guyanese Hindu Mandir, Bhuvaneshwar, in Brooklyn. I was sad to learn that the Pandit, Prakash Gossai (from Mahaica Creek) passed away from a heart attack almost 2 years ago. I feel that India (Bharat) is the mother of all religions and only someone raised in the multicultural and pluralistic atmosphere of India can truly appreciate the nature of all religions. The Roman Catholic priests whom I meet from South India such as Mangalore have a far deeper grasp of the nature of religion than those priests whom I meet from places such as Ireland or Italy. Even the Muslims that I meet from India seem to have a broader and more tolerant viewpoint.


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