Dinosaurs as a metaphor

As I walked today, it dawned on me that my rebuttle about “violence against dinosaurs” gives us “dinosaur” as a metaphor for Islam. Think of the movie “Jurassic Park” and how not all dinosaurs are alike. The velociraptors are more like the the suicide bomber terrorist variety. But then there are gentle vegetarian dinosaurs who are quite tame. And there are two extreme solutions to the troubles nowadays. On the one extreme we might all convert to Islam in the hopes that there would be peace. Obviously a world-wide conversion to Islam would bring no peace because the Sunnis, Shias, Sufis and Kurds (along with the Druze and Wahabis and Salafis and the Mutakallimum) are all known to be violent to one another at times. The opposite extreme in the solution spectrum is to attempt to raze every mosque, burn every Qur’an and make Arabic a dead language (and of course some Muslim groups might pursue the same goal against the kafir/infidel) which is a form of ethnocide. We do not have many problems these days with dinosaurs or with Amorites because they have for the most part disappear. But even if one side annihilates the other in a hundred years some new homicidal factions will develop in religion or politics. In between these two extremes of solution are many intermediate solutions such as progressive reform in Islam, which is going on even as we speak.

Now, regarding the problem between Israel and Palestine; we cannot turn the clock back to 1930 and decide to give the Jews a homeland in Kenya. I think Gandhi was right to object to an Israel in Palestine. Gandhi wrote in his newspaper, “The Harijan,” that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians just as France belongs to the French people and England belongs to the British people. Gandhi objected to the creation of Israel for the same reason that he SUPPORTED the independence of Pakistan; namely, that there could never be peace UNLESS Pakistan gained its independence and there would never be peace if a state of Israel was created around Jerusalem. France and England wanted to create a state of Israel so that they could further weaken the crumbling Ottoman Empire (The Sick Man of Europe.) In the late 19th century a majority of Rabbis were anti-Zionist and many Orthodox Jews to this day are anti-Zionist. One of the many reasons for their anti-Zionist position is that a state of Israel CONFUSES the world into conflating the interests of Israel with the interests of Judaism. If one
looks at the Knesset one sees that only 1/6 or 1/5 are observant Jews and the rest are non-observant secular which mirrors the percentage of observance in the entire population. There are those in Iran and Lebanon who would like to see Israel literally blown off the map. Israel has a nuclear arsenal and will use it (the oath of their military is that there shall never again be a Masada.)

I personally do not see world peace at any time in the near future.


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