The Failure of America and the World

@Alex, I agree with much of your post. I don’t mean to be trite or hackneyed but we all know what Socrates said that each person by nature, by NECESSITY always desires THE GOOD (even Hitler and bin Laden and Mussolini and Jeffrey Dahmer and Hannibal Lecter) in the simple sense that NO ONE says “hmmm choice A is BETTER than choice B but I think I will take choice B.” But by the same token we all know what Solomon said “there are WAYS which seem good unto a person but the end thereof is death” and those ways include thinks like tobacco, alcohol, weapons, promiscuous anonymous unprotected sex, unsound financial instruments like derivatives, etc. etc.

I feel there is something very sincere and wholesome about Jimmy Carter and that there is something pathological about G.W. Bush but Jimmy Carter is described in terms of a failed one-term presidency, and G.W. was MORE SUCCESSFUL in the sense that he achieved a TWO TERM presidency even if people see his two terms as flawed or lacking in various ways.

But the REAL NOOSE is the fact that there is no real structure or planning in what happens on a national or international level. We as human beings in theory could COOPERATE with our entire species and join together in ways as yet unnamed and unimaginable which would render obsolete the diseased nationalistic forms of monarchy, dictatorship and militaristic state. But as a species we are too apathetic and dull-witted to look about, see the REAL problems that confront the human race and realize that if we do not do something in the next 1000 years then the human race is doomed to extinction.

This months issue of The Atlantic magazine has a small article about the reasons that space programs will probably be abandoned which says basically that we were motivated in the 1950s and 60s because of the cold war and because we did not want to look at the sky and see a Russian moon but NOW the cold war is over.

We cannot look ahead 500,000 years and see that UNLESS we create Star Trek Christopher Columbus type missions with cyborg piloted craft searching out habitable solar systems with all Earth forms genetically encoded and all human culture language arts and technology encoded, then all of our human endeavors are doomed to perish when Earth and our Sun can no longer support life.

And the pathetic buffoons that we see everywhere with their PhDs and their M.D.s and their dissertations and their doctorates and their M.B.A.s simply laugh and say “oh well, 500000 years is forever, I wont have to worry about THAT.” We know the Neanderthal was on Earth for 400,000 years while Homo Sapiens has only been around 200,000. If you told the early Neanderthal “LOOK you only have 400,000 years and if you dont do something BEYOND what you are doing you will be doomed to extinction.”

Instead, we worry about what people do in the bedroom and whether Jesus or Mohammed had the real scoop on Jehovah/Allah.

Can’t any of you look in the mirror and admit to yourselves how tragic and pathetic we all are.

I recently added up the figures for ALL CAMPAIGNING of all parties for one election, including various budgets and overhead to provide for a 4 year president while in office and during the “retirement” years and I came up with a figure of $50,000 per hour for that 4 year term. When Obama or Bush or Clinton took a 30 minute SHOWER or sat on the crapper, it cost $25,000…. AND WHAT DO YOU GET for all that money for 4 years except some scape-goat to blame the failures of your sorry nation and your pathetic world.

Anyway… my coffee is getting cold, and my coffee is more important than the future of human civilization since it is possible for me to drink and enjoy the coffee for 10 minutes but the future of the human race is hopeless. We will continue with our warfare and our depraved materialistic life styles and our superstitious preoccupation with religion and our false hypocritical moral high ground…. and one day, it will all be gone…

So now GO AHEAD and tell me how none of this makes sense and compare it to some Freshman seminar on the Odyssey where people who had not read the book spend an hour arguing about whether Telemachus possibly screwed Penelope… cause that kind of thinking and rhetoric will REALLY clarify things, wont it?


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