I Never Knew You

If one believes that God is omniscient and “the only knower of the heart (as it says in the book of Samuel)” then we see that a fundamentalist interpretation of this verse is impossible for God knows each person; but rather we must understand the irony of the verse that it is the rejected person who never knew God. For the second group which is welcomed into the Kingdom with words like “I was hungry and you fed me” are SO honest and self-critical that even though they are being handed a get-out-of-jail-free card, they testify against themselves and ask “when did we do these things?” It is even conceivable that these people never heard of Christianity but because they embodied divine qualities of charity and compassion they knew God in the sense that they reflected God’s values in their daily lives and actions rather than simply paying hypocritical lip-service on Sunday and then living the other six days as if no God existed.


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