McCain and Palin are Fascists

The truth hit me like lightening when I saw an episode of The Family Guy where Stewie and Bryan go back in a time machine to Nazi Germany. Stewie decides to put on a Nazi uniform and says “Oh what’s this?” and sees a McCain/Palin button. McCain and Palin are typical fascist types. In one speech McCain said “But I ACTUALLY defended America (meaning Vietnam)” Well, what did he defend us FROM? Certainly not communism because today Vietnam is communist and something of an ally.

Brave McCain blanket bombed villages of women, children and elderly from 30,000 feet in the air.

If G.W. Bush had actually imitated Jesus after the WTC attack he would have turned the other cheek, loved his enemy and repaid evil with good. What is the WORST thing that would have happened? Osama bin Laden would still be free, but he is free right now. Saddam would be alive but Saddam was able to control Iraq and now Iraq is out of control. We have not even been able to rebuild something on Ground Zero in 10 years! We should let Muslims build a mosque on Ground Zero so at least there would not be an empty hole.


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