Freedom of religious belief in America

Quoted from a Facebook post by John Gorumba :

Our founding fathers may not have been able to envision todays world and dangers but if they stood for anything, it was freedom of religion. That is as American as it gets. It’s so quintessential to what we are that to try and change it would by definition be a “unamerican.” To defend this country is to defend it’s core principals. You can’t defend this country and limit religion, they are opposing concepts. It’s a non starter for debate and I love me a good debate.

The hardest part about being American, which far too many of its defenders forget, is that you MUST defend its freedoms even when they lift up what you find abhorrent. You have to fight for the right of the KKK to exist, or (insert crazy group here). I have to defend the right for the first church of Satan to open it’s doors in my town.

And we can’t denounce this Mosque on innuendo that it might be funded by terrorists. We need proof of that. But the onus would be on us to prove terrorist collusion not for them to prove their innocence. Again, a fundamental American right.

If we limit religion in the name of safety then that opens the door to limit any American freedom no matter how fundamental, in the name of safety. That is truly terrifying. Under your rule, I could deny the Catholic church the right to build a school in my city because they haven’t done enough to root out pedophilia and would be a danger to the community.

That would be religious bigotry. Doing it in the name of safety instaed of hatred isn’t good enough . It would also be the absolute end of America as I understand it.


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