Sodom spared for the sake of 10 righteous

Why doesn’t Dobson work to criminalize divorce since Jesus said that a man shall not put his wife away except for reason of adultery. America endorses serial polygamy. One may have all the marriages one pleases as long as each one is separated by a legal divorce. Even the Greek Orthodox limit widows/widowers from marrying MORE than three times, stating that after the 3rd spouse dies it must obviously be Gods will that the surviving spouse remain celibate.

Well, but the Bible does not support divorce except in the case of adultery, and no mention is made of the possibility of RE-marriage after a valid divorce, so I cannot understand why more people aren’t trying to criminalize divorce?! I mean, it is a valid question/issue.

Don’t be evasive! I am asking a sincere question! Jesus never spoke explicitly about any number of things (e.g. stem-cell, euthanasia, homosexuality) BUT he DID say something very explicit about DIVORCE. Dobson and Oral Roberts and Billy Graham and Falwell and a HOST of other famous evangelists remain totally silent on this issue. IF it makes sense to criminalize anything at all then it makes sense to criminalize divorce. If the allegedly Bible-based Christian valued America DOES not campaign for THAT then they are total hypocrisy.
John McCain speaks as if he is a devout man, yet he dumped his first wife’s sorry b-hind once she was disabled and married a wealthy beer heiress. Newt Gingrich is on his THIRD wife I believe and he married his high school teacher who was something like 17 years older (which is not unBiblical but it is kind of weird.) I will be dead soon and I am not sorry to leave this world because it seems so pathetic and hopeless. I am married and divorced and remarried. I never had a homosexual relationship partly because I was raised in the homophobia of the 1950s and partly because I am a coward and terrified of disease, and partly because I never met a male that I could fall in love with who would fall in love with me. I am making these things clear to underscore the fact that I have no vested interest in legalizing same sex unions other than the fact that I feel sorry for people who want them and feel they need them, and partly because I just see the entire absurd hypocrisy of all this Bible-based stuff in a society that is not genuinely interested in following the advice of the Bible. When the world’s ecosystem is irreparably damaged and the world’s economy is on the brink of collapse and wars and terrorism seem endless I cannot understand why so much emotional energy is invested in something like same sex marriage. Even the Lord almighty was willing to allow the city of Sodom to exist IF ten righteous men could be found. But not even ONE righteous man could be found for even though Lot escaped with his two daughters, the daughters got him drunk so they could have children. I think Lot escaped because God liked Abraham. Anyway, why not take our lesson from the story of Sodom and Lot and admit that we do NOT have ten righteous people in the entire nation and therefore we should spare Sodom and allow them their civil unions. People ruin their lives with tobacco and alcohol yet we learned from Prohibition and its repeal that it does no good to criminalize alcohol. And there was probably more abortion and more evil prior to Rowe vs Wade when abortion was illegal.


I’m not trying to be evasive. I don’t speak for those other men. I can only stand for what i hold close to my heart and that is my wife! I lift her up in every way and treat her over and above myself. My children get the same treatment. Bibically, I am the head of the house hold and the buck stops with me. But my main concern is taking care of them. Thats all I can say William. I am not held accouttable for other mens issues! But I would agree, that it is very hypocritical! but even as hard as I try, and feel have done a good job, I fall short all the time and have no right to throw stones at others. If I was in a position to, I would offer help but don’t have a personal relationship with any of them. I haven’t given up on the US quite yet! And I know we have more than 10 worthy people, not just men in our nation!


No one has the courage to admit the obvious failure of America in it’s claim to be a Christian Bible based nation… America LOVES divorce and no one is interested in being Christian enough to enforce THAT standard… there IS no argument to wiggle out of that one… its an obvious fact… simply admit the failure of Christianity in the American legal system…. it DOES NOT MATTER one single iota what YOU as a person feel or believe or what I believe or do or what Charles Stanley or GW Bush believes or Billy Graham…. the simple fact is, divorce is legal and Jesus said it should be forbidden, end of argument, case closed, America fails the Christian test (no offense intended , with all due respect… just saying)


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