Having Children in the Last Times

I know there are parents who cherish their children, but is the joy of parenthood a selfish pleasure. The Book of Revelation says that in the last times “Woe unto that woman who is with child in those days.” Now there must be some good reason why that verse is in the Bible though I do not pretend to know the proper explanation.

I was glad to have two step-children in my life but I have never regretted for a single moment that I have no children of my own partly because I see both the maternal and paternal sides of my family as pathological (each in their own unique way) and partly because I was never in a position in my life to give a child what they need and partly because I do not see this world and its civilizations as something worth being born into especially now in the 21st century. I realize that they way I feel is not the way that everyone will feel or how everyone SHOULD feel. But I see the world through the eyes of my subjective experience. I did try to have a child with my first wife of 13 years. It would have been a total disaster if we had succeeded. Perhaps there is a God and perhaps that is God’s will and mercy that I never brought a child into this world. People are always saying “thy will be done” but then when they don’t get what they want they try to play God and make it happen anyway.


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