A Facebook Reading of Cavafy’s Poem 1903

Nice reading, Charlie! I discovered Cavafy when I read Lawrence Durrell’s “The Alexandrian Quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea.”

I just now found this link:


I do not often see these books for sale in the bookstores of NYC. Once I found Balthazar at Strand’s for $1, bought it and re-read it.

Last year I read something about Cavafy’s death. Cavafy was born into a Greek Orthodox Christian family. I think a high ranking bishop came to his death-bed.

I just found this great link


I can read the Greek portion of the poem the way a modern Greek speaker might read it. I should practice and do a Youtube video. I am a bit rusty with my modern Greek.

We are all somehow seeking to regain some past experience which perhaps shall never come to us again because we are no longer as young, no longer naive and inexperienced. If we are wise we shall realize the vanity of our dreams and shall settle upon a more realistic but less exotic experience but an experience which is there for us every day, within reach, and not a figment which haunts our fantasies.

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