The Golden Rule and the Silver Rule

@Ajay, it is interesting to compare the Christian “Golden Rule” (DO unto others those things that you would have others DO unto you) with what Christians pejoratively call the Jewish “Silver Rule” which is really far superior, and was stated by the famous ancient Rabbi Hillel. A pagan soldier came mockingly to Hillel and said he would convert to Judaism if Hillel could teach him all about Judaism while standing on one foot. Hillel replied “That which is HATEFUL to you do NOT unto others. Upon this hangs all of the law and the rest is commentary.” Now the REASON that Hillel’s SILVER rule is far superior to the Christian GOLDEN rule is that human beings cannot attain to a knowledge of what is GOOD. We can only know what is HATEFUL. King Solomon makes this very clear when he says “There are ways that seemeth good unto a man but the end thereof is death.” The Torah also demonstrates this when Joseph’s brethren came to him in Egypt and asked his forgiveness for their attempted murder and then selling him into slavery. Joseph replied, “YOU intended evil but G-d transformed your evil into GOOD.” The world is full of good-deed-doers wandering around looking for someone to do a good deed on.

The problem with the Golden Rule is that it is presumptuous.


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