Mosque Near Ground Zero

There is a bus (I think the B38) that runs from the north to the south of Brooklyn along Dekalb Avenue. Each and every block has at least ONE store front church but several blocks have two and even three little churches. The signs will say things like Bishop Barb Smith, Pastor (I am making up the name.) My point is, what difference does it really make in the long run who builds a Mosque and where. If one is bad then they all are bad but if one is ok then they all are ok. We love to toot our horns about religious freedom and equality as long as we are not called upon to tolerate something that we find intolerable. Muslims come in all colors, sizes and flavors, good and bad, friendly and nasty, wealthy and poor, just like the Jews, Christians, Hindus etc. The extremists who become suicide bombers are about as representative of Islam as those Christians who handle poisonous snakes are representative of Christianity. There are 6.7 billion people on the planet and over 1 billion are Muslims and I guarantee you that there are not 1 billion suicide bombers. And what ever happened with that “turn the other cheek” business or is that old fashioned?


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