Re: Mosque Near WTC Site

America claims to separate Church and State. The Constitution says that no law shall be established with regard to religion. Those who conspired to destroy the towers acted on their own and do not represent the majority of Muslims in the world. Hence, anyone who has property in New York should be free to construct a Mosque if that is their desire. If a Mosque near the WTC site is a problem then one might argue that a Mosque anywhere in Manhattan is a problem. An enormous population of Muslims live and work in New York City. There are many Masjids in the five boroughs. I say do not make a huge issue out of the matter. Time heals all wounds. Few people today feel bitterness over the fall of Constantinople when it became Istanbul. Quite frankly, since America allows freedom of religion it might happen in the coming centuries that Muslims would become a voting majority. And voting majorities may in theory change State and Federal laws and even the Constitution. I am not arguing that this SHOULD happen or even that it WOULD happen but I am saying that it COULD happen and the reasons that it COULD happen are part of the American system of government.


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