Hans Kung-Theology for 3rd Millennium

pg 54 –
On the question of [Biblical] inerrancy of Scripture the speech by Cardinal Franz Konig of Vienna on concrete errors in the Bible was of fundamental importance. Konig frankly pointed out “that in Holy Scripture the historical and scientific accounts sometimes diverge from the truth” (a veritate quandquoque deficere). For example, according to Mark 2:26 David is supposed to have entered the house of God and to have eaten the showbread under the high priest Abiathar; in fact, of course, this happened we are told in I Samuel 21:1-2 – NOT under Abiathar but under his father Ahimelech. Or in Matthew 27:9 the fulfillment of the prophecy of “Jeremiah” is reported, which is in truth a prophecy of Zachariah (11:13), and so on. Cardinal Konig wanted the discussion of the issue of inerrancy to be “candid, unambiguous, unaffected and fearless.” For deviation from the truth on historical and scientific questions in no way endangered the authority of Scripture. Rather God accepted the human author with all his weakness and mistakes — and reached His goal nevertheless; to teach men and women the “truth” of revelation.


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