Conservatives, Liberals, Good and Evil

I have been debating with two people who seem to be very conservative. So “righteous and honorable” is kind of a private joke regarding that long thread. My personal position is that conservatives are basically evil with a sprinkling of goodness and liberals are basically good with a sprinkling of evil. I realize this is an over-simplification. It does seem to me that there are many conservatives who seem to see liberals as basically evil (or at the very least dunderheads) with a sprinkling of goodness or intelligence here and there. I have a feeling that Bush and Cheney should be tried at the Hague tribunal for war crimes and violations of the Geneva convention.

I also think that the Constitution should be amended to prevent close relatives from being elected to high office. Had our Constitution NOT been amended to limit the presidency to two terms in office then we might right now be experiencing a 3rd G.W. Bush term in office. I suspect that there is something sinister about Yale’s Skull and Bones Society having so much influence in our nation’s history.

I had no idea that the NY Times would avoid discussion even of a FRIVOLOUS charge of something like Bush’s war crimes or Reagan’s high treason with the Iran-Contra scandal. Even if some outrageous charge is made the fact that a number of people find it credible is newsworthy. Hence failure to even mention such an even constitutes a form of suppression and manipulation of the news.

I am sure there are people who adore the Bush family legacy and see them as great patriotic heroes.

The other day I found one website devoted to Sen. McCarthy of witch hunt fame which described him as a great patriot. Perhaps the site was put up by some of McCarthy’s descendants. Does anyone on FB see McCarthy as an evil character?


One Response to “Conservatives, Liberals, Good and Evil”

  1. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall Says:

    I think the labels conservative and liberal have been so widely misused they have lost their meaning. In my own case, I am a fiscal conservative. I support balanced budgets and balanced trade (imports should equal exports). I oppose the fractional reserve system of lending (the creation of wealth via an unlimited spiral of debt), I oppose the concept of unlimited economic growth (it depletes the earth’s resources), and I believe the Federal Reserve should be abolished (I don’t think we should let private banks control our money supply). At the same time I am a liberal when it comes to social issues – I support women’s, gay and minority rights and I believe people have an inherent right to employment, housing, safe food, clean water and health care. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and I definitely don’t believe people who don’t share my opinions are evil. At the same time, I believe there has been a disproportionate number of people in positions of power over the last 100 years who appear to have no ethical value system whatsoever – in fact I would describe a number of them as professional criminals. I would include McCarthy, whose actions seem to have been totally unscrupulous, in that category. Also George Bush senior. At present I live in New Zealand owing to a close encounter with some spooks under Bush seniors command who didn’t much like my politics. I write about this in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGE.

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