Our Unique Writing Style

If we acquire the habit of writing daily, at length for a period of years then we each develop a style of our own which is as unique as a fingerprint. Our style may be excellent or it may be flawed but it is unique. I have been blogging daily on the Internet since 1998. I posted some of the highlights of that writing at


Hemingway was awarded a Nobel prize for the lean and pithy style of dialog and narrative which he developed. Falkner and Hemingway were always at odds. Falkner said “Hemingway has never been guilty of sending a reader to a dictionary.” Hemingway retorted “I do not use Falkner’s $10 college words but I use words which are perfectly good and accomplish the desired effect.” (I am paraphrasing from memory here.) There IS a website which contains all the Nobel prize acceptance speeches including Hemingway and Falkner.

I did find one page which parodies the style of each of 100 authors writing about a squirrel jumping over an electric fence. The examples are both amusing and insightful into the style of each author. I suppose we truly have a style when someone can easily imitate us in mockery.


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