Movie: Conversations with Other Women

Ruth, I am watching and re-watching the video with the Director Commentary turned on. There is also a long interview with the two performers in which they both make a joke about how they were not paid. Both performers stated that they could not turn down such a unique opportunity with such a great script an SO much dialog! I am sure they get some percentage of the film’s proceeds. But the shear exposure of such a stellar performance in this unique split-screen vehicle is worth more to them career-wise than any month-long vacation. I am not certain but I get the feeling that all the shots were done in a month or less. I will post more (on my page) as I learn more. Many scenes were shot against a “green backdrop” and then the scenery and even passers-by were added as “layers” with the Mac film editor (I think it is called “Final Cut”).

Most of the film was shot in L.A. During the love-making scene the L.A. police actually knocked on the door and the director had to show them some of the movie on the laptop but the officers were familiar with the Independent Film (Indie) Corps. and realized it was legitimate.

The director mentioned that when it came to the sex scene, there were lawyers involved about what could and could not be shown. The actress suggested that she undress beneath the covers, and the actor then enters the bed and does likewise so there was far less nudity that other scenarios. When the actor takes off his shirt (at her request) she sees his “love handles” (extra belly flab) and she laughs and says “You are FAT.” The actor is praised as very brave for INSISTING that the shot stay in the film (and that scene evokes the most laughter of any scene when it is shown around the world.) The director explains that he asked the performers for ONE HOUR in bed (but get your drinks and bathroom first) and they did give him one solid hour (part of the time he was discussing with them details/expressions/gestures and part of the time they were moving the cameras around to get every possible angle for the editing phase.)


This was the director’s FIRST film. They filmed in only TWO WEEKS in December. December is the ideal time to get a performer for 2 weeks because it is a hard month for agents to book anything serious.


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