Facebook and Blog Reposting

My practice is to repost each item of significance on my FB threads to my blog https://williambuell.wordpress.com . If I spend a lot of time composing several paragraphs I do not want them to disappear in FB. I like wordpress because it is easy to use and I can back it up regularly to a Flash/USB “thumb” drive. Blogspot is also a good blog which is easy to back up. Anyone who is popular like Sam Shropshire should also have a blog and should repost things of significance. Some people only want to add a friend on FB for the purpose of following what is said and have little interest in replying. A secondary blog site is idea for such people AND they may comment upon a blog post.

Now, suppose the robotic powers that be on FB decide for some reason to disable my account (or suppose FB gets bought up by some other entity and radically changes in nature.) Anyone who cares about what I write need only remember williambuell.wordpress.com to catch up with me.

I used to aggressively request FB additions selecting people who seemed to share many friends in common with me. My main goal was to connect with fellow alumni from St. John’s since we all have experienced the same four year program of readings, seminars and tutorials.

I adjusted my FB privacy settings so that “friends of friends” could see what I write with the assumption that people who are friends with my friends might share some interests.

I have stopped actively requesting friends additions. It IS possible for the FB bots to perceive you as requesting too many adds and punish you in some fashion. Occasionally someone will find one of my posts interesting and request an add. I add anyone as long as their page looks legitimate and personal (as opposed to commercial.) One may always defriend and even block so it is better to err on the side of excess rather than deficiency.


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