I am Legion

Legend means your are famous or infamous. Legion means you are demonic.



Now allegiance is quite different.


allegiance –
c.1400, from Anglo-Fr. legaunce “loyalty of a liege-man to his lord,” from O.Fr. legeance, from liege (see liege); erroneously associated with L. ligare “to bind;” corrupted in spelling by confusion with the now-obsolete legal term allegeance “alleviation.” General figurative sense of “recognition of claims to respect or duty” is attested from 1732.

The word sacrilegious is often conflated with religious.


sacrilege –
c.1300, “crime of stealing what is consecrated to God,” from O.Fr. sacrilege (12c.), from L. sacrilegium “temple robbery,” from sacrilegus “stealer of sacred things,” from phrase sacrum legere “to steal sacred things,” from sacrum “sacred object (from neuter sing. of sacer “sacred”) + legere “take, pick up” (see lecture). Second element is related to lecture but is not from religion. Transferred sense of “profanation of anything held sacred” is attested from late 14c.


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