Censorship and Testimony

I don’t imagine it is an issue of taking God’s name in vain. You know in a sense if you just say Oh God it may be construed as “in vain” since in is not said in the context of prayer or sermon. I am sure the censorship has to do with the F* word and the C*words and the S*word . And yet our consumer public craves and our media thrives upon an endless depiction of heinous acts of murder torture cannibalism etc… so it is all a bit hypocritical in my estimation. In every place I have ever worked I often hear the F* word. How is the F* word “taking the Lord’s name in vain?”

Would the censors really bleep “damn” or “dammit” or “hell”? I don’t know. I do know that if one purchases the DVD of a movie, one sees and hears everything uncensored. So why is it permitted to create such movies and sell such movies if they are harmful? And we view purchased uncensored DVD on THE SAME screen where we view the censored public broadcasts.

You may find my own blogs from 1998 to present on-line and you will notice that I try never to use profanity (in the sense of F* word) unless I need to quote someone in which case I do not spell it out. If I stub my toe or bang my thumb and I am alone I may curse; a practice I am not proud of but it is a bad habit.

I just think it is a sham and hypocrisy for our public broadcasting to pretend we are NOT something which we know perfectly well that most of us are.

The Atlantic Magazine published a letter from an elderly assisted living center regarding the showing of a film in the community center which had been CANCELLED because it used the F* word. The columnist explained that this does not constitute something inappropriate because a film attempts to portray real life and real life as we all know includes such language. What WOULD BE inappropriate is if such language were included in an editorial or a commencement ceremony or a political speech.

You probably read about the woman newscaster who inadvertently said the F* word on the air not realizing she was live on the microphone.

I do not like reading things loaded with gratuitous profanity but I do dislike gratuitous censorship.

I see the very fabric of American life as something obscene. We observe how to murder and torture in a thousand different ways and we watch dramatizations of drug dealers, alcoholics and prostitutes.

Jesus said “What goes into the mouth does not defile but passes out into the gutter.” (now we KNOW that is feces, the S* word.) But what comes OUT of the mouth defiles. Jesus did not mention what goes INTO THE EAR now did He. So if you want to get technical, Jesus would not seem to favor censorship of the media. Jesus want each and every one of us to censor our own speech. He says something like “Yea verily ye shall be judged by EVER WORD WHICH PROCEEDTH FORTH FROM YOUR MOUTH.” (at least that is what I remember) And He says, “UNLESS your righteous EXCEEDS the righteousness of the pharisees you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Now our politicians take OATHS and witnesses on the witness stand SWEAR an OATH and say SO HELP ME GOD. To me that seems fairly blasphemous. First of all, Jesus said “do not swear at all not even by your head for you cannot turn one hair white or black; rather let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.” So if we were such a Bible based nation we would not require such oath taking.

What I see as more appropriate is if the witness says “I solemnly affirm that I testify under penalty of perjury and I shall not consciously omit any detail which may be pertinent or knowingly give false testimony.”

Now we are asked TO SWEAR THE TRUTH. Would you please tell me WHAT your definition of TRUTH is and how any of us have ACCESS to this truth?

If I ask you on the witness stand “How much is two plus two?” You are going to answer four. But you cannot honestly say that you KNOW that to be the truth. You are repeating HEARSAY which you learned in grammar school. If you google on PROOF ARITHMETIC ADDITION you will discover that the actual proof of addition involves over 250 steps in a theorem. So unless you name is Alfred North Whitehead or Bertrand Russell or Godel or Gauss or Fermat or Hilbert, you are not educated sufficiently in math and logic to PROVE that 2 + 2 is four so therefore you cannot say you have access to the truth. But you CERTAINLY know when you are consciously bearing false witness or committing a lie of omission. Now the Ten Commandments says NOTHING about telling the truth, right? But the Ten Commandments do clearly forbid BEARING FALSE WITNESS OR TESTIMONY.


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