Christopher Hitchens

I am not quite sure how it is possible to be a devout Roman Catholic and revere Hitchins who seems to have reviled Mother Teresa. I was in the presence of some members of her order from India some years ago and questioned them carefully regarding his allegations and they satisfied me that it is slander. You suddenly reminded me about the cancer. I had read something about that but forgot it. I I suppose one may be a Roman Catholic and also admire Hitchins. I do not believe in wishing physical suffering on even those for whom one feels contempt. But perhaps you mean that you love Hitchins in the same way that one is enjoined to love Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden which I suspect few American Protestants can fathom and perhaps you also love Mother Teresa. Anyway, the REASON that I most despise Hitchins is for intellectual reasons more than moral ones in that he is what I call a LIMB SAWYER rather than a LIMB CRAWLER in that he makes his living by ATTACKING AND DE-constructing the positive endeavors of others rather than having the courage to crawl out upon a limb and make his own positive efforts. I have always respected the conservative Greek Orthodox (who are a very small, persecuted minority and not to be conflated with mainstream secular Greek Orthodoxy or the Greek Orthodox Church of North America.) It took me years to come to admire and accept Roman Catholicism. I pity and despise the well-meaning but deluded likes of Charles Stanley (which his “eternal security of salvation” and Billy Graham and Joel Osteen with his “feel good joke telling ministry”.) The reason I make a big deal about names is that the Greeks feel it is essential if possible to know someone’s baptismal first name for prayer, although it is certainly possible to pray for someone whose name is unknown as it is for anonymous saints on All Saints day.

This morning I awoke with thoughts of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and realized for the first time that his Cost of Discipleship and notions of cheap grace do set him apart from Martin Luther’s depraved notion of salvation by faith alone. Therefore I admire Bonhoeffer even though I do not agree with his decision to become Hitler’s assassin.

I myself am no longer a Christian but I do have certain principles and values.

For me, if there is a Supreme Being then my every thought is known and so thought and speech are non-different from prayer and furthermore that Supreme Being already knows my needs and the needs of the sparrows, insects and other living creatures.


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